kamikaze romance – tma

It’s a kamikaze romance
With our hearts strapped in the seats
And we wage a war called Love
And we’ll not concede defeat
Even if it means flying
In the face of certain doom
We both know the end is coming,
And the end is coming soon…

It’s a kamikaze romance
How sweet the flight, though, while it lasts
Hurtling through the air
Watching heart-shaped clouds zooming past…
Let’s try, love, not to think
Of how this must come to an end
We know it will not last forever
But at least we can pretend…

It’s a kamikaze romance
And when our course starts turning downwards
All the memories of what we had
Will forever be ours
When comes the end; with tears,
With a scream, and with a screech,
Perhaps they’ll find pieces of our broken hearts
Strewn across some glassy beach…

romance with the rain – arfa iris

Touch of rain drops makes me giggle.

like a lover, it tickle.

and makes me laugh and wiggle

rain touches me with a bliss.

like a sweet and lovely kiss.

when in rain i get drench.

like lover my clothes clench.

its like someone dear
who cuddle close and near.

the cold tender breeze.

makes me shiver and freeze.

still its better than a hot mug.

or a tight warm hug
rain makes me romantic.

and i feel naively idyllic.

romance – heaven and earth

We talk forever day and night
Embrace in the insipid moonlight
It’s impossible to deny fate
Our passion for each other is on a roll
Our feelings are so hard to control
It’s impossible to deny fate
You and me we have our struggles
But what couples don’t have troubles?
It’s impossible to deny fate
When I express my feelings everything I say is true
True love isn’t just kissing all over you
It’s impossible to deny fate
Like paper always sticks to glue
I will always be there for you
It’s impossible to deny fate
I love you because of your heart
My love for you is off the charts
It’s impossible to deny fate
Being with you is a blessing
Laughing together, singing songs, caressing
It’s impossible to deny fate
I want to stay with you for years
I’ve sworn that I will never drink beer
After the wedding we pull the car in and lock the gate
It’s impossible to deny fate

romance – amberlee carter

the moon who wrote by candle light,
he whispered low his love, to whom he adored-
in a romantic game of follow the leader
he chased the sun in chance, he might catch her.
in a purple dawn, for once they shared the same sky-
then he, the moon, into her shadow receded from the twilight