poem – a baby running barefoot

When the bare feet of the baby beat across the grass
The little white feet nod like white flowers in the wind,
They poise and run like ripples lapping across the water;
And the sight of their white play among the grass
Is like a little robin’s song, winsome,
Or as two white butterflies settle in the cup of one flower
For a moment, then away with a flutter of wings.

I long for the baby to wander hither to me
Like a wind-shadow wandering over the water,
So that she can stand on my knee
With her little bare feet in my hands,
Cool like syringa buds,
Firm and silken like pink young peony flowers.

poem – a love song

Reject me not if I should say to you
I do forget the sounding of your voice,
I do forget your eyes that searching through
The mists perceive our marriage, and rejoice.

Yet, when the apple-blossom opens wide
Under the pallid moonlight’s fingering,
I see your blanched face at my breast, and hide
My eyes from diligent work, malingering.

Ah, then, upon my bedroom I do draw
The blind to hide the garden, where the moon
Enjoys the open blossoms as they straw
Their beauty for his taking, boon for boon.

And I do lift my aching arms to you,
And I do lift my anguished, avid breast,
And I do weep for very pain of you,
And fling myself at the doors of sleep, for rest.

And I do toss through the troubled night for you,
Dreaming your yielded mouth is given to mine,
Feeling your strong breast carry me on into
The peace where sleep is stronger even than wine.

कविता – सम्बोधन

ए खहरे
बेफुर्सदी मान्छे तँ
मौसमी राग त उराल्नै पर्‍यो
आफू भित्र हेर्नु छैन
अरूलाई टेर्नु छैन
बाटो किन चिन्नु पर्‍यो
जता जता सोंर्‍याक पर्‍यो
उतैउतै दौडे भैगो
किन आँखा खोल्नु पर्‍यो
अन्धो को हात्ती भए पुगिहाल्छ
नूनमा ढुंगा मिलाए नि
चामलमा बियाँ मिसाए पनि
बाघसँग बाख्रा हिँडाए पनि
धेरै त हुन्छ पक्कै
राता र सेता वाहियात पो त
भेल त हुनै पर्‍योे
के काले के गोरे
अगाडि उभिए भैगो
के घूसखोरी
के हत्यारा
के दरबारिया
क्या मजा
सबै सारथी महान यात्राको
लिएर हिंड्न पाए भैगो।
ए खहरे
तेरा हुलका सारथीहरू,
जिउँदो लास पो त
चिसोले सुन्याएको रोगी पो त !
निमोनियाले गलाएको बालक पो त !
तँलाई के थाहा?
अँध्यारो भित्र
उज्यालो खोज्नेहरूको कथा
बेमौसमी यात्राको कथा
हूलसँग नझुक्नेहरूको कथा
क्षितिज उघार्नेहरू कथा