Poem – I Long For Him Most

I long for him most 
during these long moonless nights. 

I lie awake, hot, 

the growing fires of passion 

bursting in my heart.
Another translation by Kenneth Rexroth:
You do not come 

On this moonless night. 

I wake wanting you. 

My breasts heave and blaze. 

My heart burns up.
Another translation:
I would meet him

But there’s no way, so on this moonless night

From my yearning the embers of my love

Send sparks leaping in my breast,

Setting my heart aflame. 


About भण्डारी2013

Has a reflective and idealistic types of personality. Loves to participate in Social activities. Extremely loyal by nature. Laid back unless a strongly held value is threatened and a talented writer too.
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