Poem – The Bad Boys Song

I know I am poor wretch
without any moral codes and barriers and senses.
I am ended cretin and cynics.
I spat to all –
to ours or others, friends or enemies.

I have held in my hand
the nuclear bomb
and ruled firmly
by the great country,
where self-governing chicken community
frozen to death,
as the doctrines of cursed justice.

I spat to democracy, wisdom,
for human rights of men,
and what left there else?
Fair elections
and other values and social perfections?

I tramped them all,
that might to corrode my legitimacy.
I am bad boy
and know that never lose power.

Better this great country
together with honest sheep-like population
that so adore me
when I am spitting to West and East
will go to hell
then I am lost my favorite toy.
I am bad boy
and want to stamp that forever
I spit to past, up-to-date
and to face of forthcoming day.
I am bad boy
but the national leader also.

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