Poem – The Hit of Love

It’s really hit of great Master,
when millions other just a dream waster…
Try to find in dream the largest empire
and after that a town in them
and a street in the town
and a home and a window
of the room where grown and white you
so carefully hidden by the times and distances
you dearest one and a love indispensable.

Poem – Be Carefully

Be carefully
when you have dealed or communicated with world,
overfilled with trytory, corrupt and decaying.
You are lived among ‘deads’ plying as living,
dansing with corpuses and vampiers souls,
your everyday path run, crossed and interspersed
with unnumerous ways, traps, deadlocks,
mastered by thievs, robbers, bandits and cleptocrates.
Especially afrade
our unchangablle presidents, depyties and their stakeholders and supporters.
They were all sqillfulled
for kill you, drowse
and weep aut your name
from short list of eternity.

Poem – The Bad Boys Song

I know I am poor wretch
without any moral codes and barriers and senses.
I am ended cretin and cynics.
I spat to all –
to ours or others, friends or enemies.

I have held in my hand
the nuclear bomb
and ruled firmly
by the great country,
where self-governing chicken community
frozen to death,
as the doctrines of cursed justice.

I spat to democracy, wisdom,
for human rights of men,
and what left there else?
Fair elections
and other values and social perfections?

I tramped them all,
that might to corrode my legitimacy.
I am bad boy
and know that never lose power.

Better this great country
together with honest sheep-like population
that so adore me
when I am spitting to West and East
will go to hell
then I am lost my favorite toy.
I am bad boy
and want to stamp that forever
I spit to past, up-to-date
and to face of forthcoming day.
I am bad boy
but the national leader also.

Poem – Titan

must share own part of heaven.
He showed it,
when he lifted universe
on his arms.
He had perfect knowledge
about inward
and outward
structure and deep sence of limitles
and about tight integration
every soul
with the whole.
He knew,
must share own part of heaven.
from unfolding existence
after Great Big Ban.
But mankind
made from him goddess,
instead share
own part of heaven.

Poem – The Pearly Shell

first version

On the darkest bottom
of deep salt sea’s Sahara
one creative mollusk
searching diligently
the precious dream
about unknowing beauty of pearly sunrises,
somewhere far above the water,
this sea floor genius devoted his life
for searching dawn and Sun
in totally helpless and unavoidable darkness
amid the awfull monsters and predators
and realm of blind and cold creatures.
But his love was so great and powerful
that eventually dawn
descendent to him
to live with his dream
and marked wall
inside his shell
with the eternal masterpiece-picture
even more beautiful
than real sunrise.

second version

On the darkest bottom
of deep salt sea’s Sahara
one creative mollusk
searching the precious dreams
about the unknowing beauty of pearly sunrises,
somwhere far above the water,
and left after himself
on the wall of his home
the masterpiece-picture.

Poem – The Prisons Bless

It was the happiest week
for him,
who 10 years has survived in trap of Siberia.
ex-oligarch who sacrifaced
own milliards for justise and future great nation.

The comendant of prison
suddenly after sanrising
did sent him nice slice of chocolade
and ordered
for often meeting with relates
on the eve of Crismas.

Who knows
what fanny things got run
right now
on the far Moskow?
Maybe he is relly
the future president of Russian
this new Nelson Mandella?
Dasnt history want to play with us new trick?
Let fhanks us and forgive if so.
If we did sometimes wrong things for him
according with secreet demand of high body –
forgive, please us, for holly blankness.

Maybe we need to prepare
to open the myzeum of modern history of Russian
just In this place
where such man as Khodorkovski so long prisoned?

Heaven cake.
What is the iron ironia of history!