Poem – I Treaded on the Expanse

I treaded on the expanse 
of the Void within me: 

I lost intellect, cognizance and 

The sensations external: 

A detective of self. 

I became myself; Lo and behold: from which ear 

My (Lalla’s ) lotus blossomed forth?
[Translated by P. N. Razdan (Mahanori)] 

Poem – I Searched for Myself

I searched for my Self
until I grew weary,
but no one, I know now,

reaches the hidden knowledge

by means of effort.
Then, absorbed in “Thou art This,”

I found the place of Wine.
There all the jars are filled,

but no one is left to drink.
[Taken from Women in Praise of the Sacred: 43 Centuries of Spiritual Poetry by Women, Edited by Jane Hirshfield]