Poem – Sympathy 

Perched on the branch of a tree

Was a nightingale sad and lonely
‘The night has drawn near’, He was thinking

‘I passed the day in flying around and feeding
How can I reach up to the nest

Darkness has enveloped everything’? 
Hearing the nightingale wailing thus

A glow-worm lurking nearby spoke thus
‘With my heart and soul ready to help I am

Though only an insignificant insect I am
Never mind if the night is dark

I shall shed light if the way is dark
God has bestowed a torch on me

He has given a shining lamp to me
The good in the world only those are

Ready to be useful to others who are 

Poem – Spain 

Spain! You are the trustee of the Muslim


In my eyes you are sanctified like the Harem.

Prints of prostration lie hidden in your dust,

Silent calls to prayers in your morning air.

In your hills and vales were the tents of those,

The tips of whose lances were bright like the


Is more henna needed by your pretties? 

My lifeblood can give them some colour! 

How can a Muslim be put down by the straw

and grass,

Even if his flame has lost its heat and fire! 

My eyes watched Granada as well,

But the traveller’s content neither in journey

nor in rest:

I saw as well as showed, I spoke as well as


Neither seeing nor learning brings calm to the


The veiled secrets are becoming manifest—

Bygone the days of you cannot see Me; 

Whosoever finds his self first,

Is Mahdi himself, the Guide of the Last Age.

Poem – Said The Coal ta a Diamond 

My stuff is so vile, I am less than dust
while your gleam rends the mirror’s heart.

My darkness lights the chafing-dish

before I am incinerated. A miner’s boot

tramples my head, covering me with ashes.
Do you know my life’s gist? 

A condensed sliver of smoke, transformed

into a single spark, in feature and nature

starlike, your every facet a splendor,

light of the king’s eye, the dagger’s jewel.
Friend, be wise, the diamond replied, assume

a bezel’s dignity! Loam strives to harden

to fill my bosom with radiance. Burn

because you are soft. Banish fear and grief.

Be hard as stone, be a diamond. 

Poem – Mirza Ghalib

Through you the secret was revealed to the human intellect
That innumerable enigmas are solved by human intellect
You were the complete soul, literary assembly was your body

You adorned as well as remained veiled from the assembly
Your eye is longing to witness that veiled Beauty

Which is veiled in everything as the pathos of life
The assemblage of existence is rich with your harp

As mountain’s silence by the brook’s melodious harp
The garden of your imagination bestows glory on the universe

From the field of your thought worlds grow like meadows
Life is concealed in the humor of your verse

Picture’s lips move with your command of language
Speech is very proud of the elegance of your miraculous lips

Thurayyah is astonished at your style’s elegance
Beloved of literature itself loves your style

Delhi’s bud is mocking at the rose of Shiraz
Ah! You are resting in the midst of Delhi’s ruins

Your counterpart is resting in the Weimar’s garden
Matching you in literary elegance is not possible

Till maturity of thought and imagination are combined
Ah! What has befallen the land of India! 

Ah! The inspirer of the super-critical eye! 
The lock of Urdu’s hair still craves for combing

This candle still craves for moth’s heart-felt pathos
O Jahanabad! O cradle of learning and art

Your entire super-structure is a silent lament
The sun and the moon are asleep in every speck of your dust

Though innumerable other gems are also hidden in your dust
Does another world-famous person like him also lie buried in you? 

Does another gem like him also lie concealed in you? 

Poem – Madness of Love is no More

mohabbat ka junuu.N baaqii nahii.n hai 
musalamaano.n me.n Khuun baaqii nahii.n hai 

safe.n kaj, dil pareshan, sajdaa bezuuk 

ke jazabaa-e-a.ndruun baaqii nahii.n hai 

rago.n me.n lahuu baaqii nahii.n hai 

wo dil, wo aawaaz baaqii nahii.n hai 


ye sab baaqii hai tuu baaqii nahii.n hai 

Poem – Jawab E Shik 

Whatever comes out of the heart is effective
It has no wings but has the power of flight
It has holy origins, it aims at elegance

It rises from dust, but has access to the celestial world
My love was seditious, rebellious and clever

My fearless wailing rent through the sky
On hearing it the sun said, ‘Somewhere there is somebody! ‘

The planets said, ‘At the ‘Arsh-i-Bar