Poem – The Fickle One

My eyes went away from me

Following a dark girl who went by.
She was made of black motherofpearl

Made of darkpurple grapes,

And she lashed my blood

With her tail of fire.
After them all I go.
A pale blonde went by

Like a golden plant

Swaying her gifts.

And my mouth went

Like a wave

Discharging on her breast

Lightningbolts of blood.
After them all I go.
But to you, without my moving,

Without seeing you, distant you,

Go my blood and my kisses,

My dark one and my fair one,

My broad one and my slender one,

My ugly one, my beauty,

Made of all the gold

And of all the silver,

Made of all the wheat

And of all the earth,

Made of all the water

Of sea waves,

Made for my arms

Made for my kisses,

Made for my soul. 

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