Poem – Why do I Feel Sad

As we call time on summer, 

With Winters dark nights so cold, 

My body clock loses its tick, 

And resets itself to hibernation mode.
Even with the buzz of Xmas, 

Which I really look forward too, 

My get up and goes gone, 

Leaving me feeling moody and blue.
I recognise the signs too well, 

When November time is drawing near, 

This mood disorder is ridiculing me, 

By visiting the same time each year.
Like a visit from the unwelcome, 

You cannot help opening the door, 

To the symptoms of the season, 

Whose greetings you simply abhor.
Seasonal Affective Disorder I now know, 

Why I have felt so SAD, 

Learned to live with you and, 

Now I don’t feel so bad. 

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