Poem – Reply From a Pleasant Lady 

I accept your offer to wine, 
But you can act like a swine, 

Even a piece of work like you, 

Should I really show you? 
Or should I break you where you stand? 

Don’t worry I’ll give you a hand, 

Are you trying to stroke the embers of my heart? 

In your chest can I throw a dart? 
If you are so confident then why don’t you come? 

Believing that you are so dumb, 

Calling you out on your bluff, 

Do you think you are so tough? 
Glazing into your eyes, 

Your look I despise, 

A cave full of your lies, 

The lost truth that dies, 
My heart you snake? 

Don’t make me faint! 

You talk big, 

Wanna hole to dig? 
I am a dignify lady, 

You miss my baby? 

Well just maybe, 

I’ll take you up on your challenge! 

Poem – Lonely Old Road

I went down a lonely old road, 
They said was keeping me home, 

One day I will know about, 

Down that lonely old road I was to be told, 

How come no one told me to go down this lonely old road? 

I felt that I didn’t know anything beyond this lonely old road, 

Come to think of it, 

I don’t because this lonely old road, 

Is all I know, 

No one told me about this darn lonely old road, 

I tried to keep my head held high, 

Gravity pressed my head down, 

I was walking around, 

Saying I’m walking down this lonely old road, 

If you should ever see me, 

All you have to do is wave that hand of yours, 

Telling me to go down this lonely old road, 

I might smirk at first, 

Because you told me to go down this lonely old road, 

But you also heard me out, 

Before I went on this journey, 

On this lonely old road, 

Just know that one day, 

I’ll get off this lonely old road, 

I’ll have something to show, 

About this lonely old road. 

Poem – My Mom’s Epic

My mom is so epic, 
My kin doesn’t know what to do, 

She handles things her own way, 

She is a tree, mighty and strong, 

Like an eagle, mess with her babies, 

Let’s say you will go down heavy, 

She fights her own mêlées, 

She cares for others, 

By no way is she introverted, 

She’s elation to my life, 

Cautious and valiant is just the tip of the ice berg to portray her, 

She’s interminable, 

She’s been with me ever since I could remember, 

I will always love her, 

For she is MY EPIC MOM! 

Poem – Rose Bud

I dare tell you of I so small, 
Yes even before I began to crawl, 

It was not yet in full bloom, 

It didn’t have petals, 

The inside had not yet shown itself, 

Just like a secret not waiting, 

Time cultivating it, 

The rose bud is a symbol of my younger self, 

The bloom of spring after winter, 

Love, tender care, it’s finally here! 

Some people use the petals to procreate magic, 

It is used as a cure for loneliness, 

Brings everyone together, 

When some get it they say spring has come my way, 

I am a blood colored rose.