Poem – Bright Star 

Ye unblessed being; 
Born in despair, 

Afore blooming fully 

Was eclipsed by death cruelly.
Though had a little past in poesy Art 

Yet Great and Grand, ceased to be lost 

Ah! Grief came to you as luxury 

Indeed ‘beauty dwells with melancholy’
You’re wrong when you stated 

‘My name was write in water’ 

Behold! Like a Polar Star at night 

That Make sensations dark, illuminated.
A Dime-god of a sensuous claimed; 

Bereaved, bereft and lost. 

Words those you sweetly glossed 

Mistook by many and harshly exclaimed.
Your sweetly tuned phrases 

Are symbol of high Romance 

That brings every soul in trance 

And halt thousand gazes.
An ardent lover and a true Romantic 

You are termed 

As Sappho of modern times 

How enchanting and enthralling are yours rhymes. 

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