Poem – Celtic Islands

i am naïve 
to this part of the world

but my fancies often here 

roam and love her mysteries sore.

Like a blue vase of white roses

dripped in the morning mist

i see an Irish ghost

dancing in the breeze.

Here the darkness steals

the light’s charm and icy winds 

hum the Celtic tunes, and bring

the golden fairies down, to play

hide and seek in the misty woods 

and kiss the snowy lakes and

laugh and sing.

Such is the charm, that’s loosed

upon this enchanting land

and surely lulls my frantic fears 

stiffened by nightmares, 

and fill my days 

full of praise… 

Poem – Castaway 

Can’t you see my strong pulsation? 
Beating in persuasion

And longing for for lost




Thy pride

A sweet loving bride, 

My swollen breast and rosy cheeks

Coral lips and hazel eyes

And a fairy’s charm

Ah! Sank and


By a stroke of fate 

Lost my faith, in love, in care, 

And now I host a never ending fear.

Don’t know how and why

Like a fallen angel

Cast off the sky.


Thou art gone 

And I have nothing 

But few solemn tears 

and leading steps to doom

for my love and for my groom. 

Poem – Candle in the Wind

In a dark gloomy night
And the around was blessed with fear and fright

Rain, lightning and thunder storm

snatched away the sweet night`s charm
A child of ten and two

Was dressed in red and blue

Lapped by a mother tight and close

A last hug of her dear son, she knows.’

In her tender but shivering arms, 

Try to make him calm.
Her love Faith and tears

All were melting in despair

Helpless to ease her child`s pain

She prayed but all in vain.

The mother was sure

That her son`s curse will never be cured

And he will never see and hear

The next rising sun and the morning cheers.
In his meek broken voice

The boy stated last his choice

‘But why heaven cursed me so? 

Like storm engulfs an exhausted dove

Did I do any wrong that much? ‘

That spared my soul for devil`s touch? ‘
‘I just followed the butterflies

And echoed the singing birds cries

Wandered around the daffodils and lilies

And was friendly with every living species

Loved the colors of rainbow

And always versed in a gentle lingo, ‘

Then why my cursed not ceased? 

Deprived from all fun and feast’
Ah! His poor broken heart mother

Kissed him hard and Burst into tears

‘O heaven send thy mercy

Spare my child from such harsh tendency

He is just two and ten

And never did any sin.

My heart is bleeding

And you’re even not heeding

Bless his soul and ease his dying breaths

Be kind O lord! In these hours of death. 

Poem – Bright Star 

Ye unblessed being; 
Born in despair, 

Afore blooming fully 

Was eclipsed by death cruelly.
Though had a little past in poesy Art 

Yet Great and Grand, ceased to be lost 

Ah! Grief came to you as luxury 

Indeed ‘beauty dwells with melancholy’
You’re wrong when you stated 

‘My name was write in water’ 

Behold! Like a Polar Star at night 

That Make sensations dark, illuminated.
A Dime-god of a sensuous claimed; 

Bereaved, bereft and lost. 

Words those you sweetly glossed 

Mistook by many and harshly exclaimed.
Your sweetly tuned phrases 

Are symbol of high Romance 

That brings every soul in trance 

And halt thousand gazes.
An ardent lover and a true Romantic 

You are termed 

As Sappho of modern times 

How enchanting and enthralling are yours rhymes. 

Poem – Bride of the Sky 

Go away and veil in clouds

lovely bride of the sky, 

thy wakening light hovering high

and sweetly rhyme a carol that

wings my fancies and passions ignite.
Oh thy lofty look is needed no more

as my love phrased me bye; 

Ah once she had me closed and ceased

all my wit and wild temper, 

and when I sealed my face on her bosom, 

ah squeezed her charm 

and fragrant blossom.
O bride of the sky! 

Don’t you see my woes and cries? 

where is she, my love, my Helen of Troy? 

O! Heavenly symbol of love and purity 

lead my broken lines to maturity, and

bless me in love and serenity.