Poem – Born to Die

In a white night
After a dark day, 

I was jogging around the busy streets. 

When got a glance. Of stale

and weary creature: 

Bare footed and dressed

in tattered threads.

Dirt shrouded his white stinky skin

That hosted dust and flies’ wings, 

Had chapped lips and sore eyes.

For an onlooker he was: 

A walking dead.

(Was ripped off by mercy of an angry god) 
For him life is nothing but

wound uncured.Like a bird 

engulfed by storm or a butterfly: 

for a child’s charm.

So was he: fettered and bound.

A roving vagabonds. 

(pity that mocks our handicapped world) 

In response to my childish quarries.

He smiled and voiced: 

Our life story ends in words two: 

‘Born to die’

(An irony of the cultured being) 

Poem – Cold Love 

So cold you are
that sends chill to my bones

and freezes my soul 


my heart still beats

In you…

though I’m gone.
Ohh my fears unknown

mutilate my dreams

and i saw

the heavenly arch 


and fell, 

a splendid failure it is

as i am melting 

in infinity. 

Poem – Knocked Out

Blame me not, as 
i’m knocked out by 

my fancies false, 
those utter incessantly 

from abyss, 

and tune a noisy chant, 
and poisoning this broad 

earth. I dream of a morrow 

to see a new world.
I, in this endless journey, 

am suffering but

not yet done. 
So don’t piss me off, 

let me trade my anguish

first, then will rest awhile. 

Poem – Late Night Vision

In a half-moon night, 
a noiseless, chilling wind horribly tuned: the hymn of Nyx.

The tiny, little, bright spheres, some static and 

some were floating in the air; hyped and

played hide and seek with the roaming clouds, 

the view was in the lap of mystery, 

causing lot of misery; so, 

sleepless, I lay on my couch and 

was counting the tickling sounds of the silent hours.

And like a disillusioned romantic, tried to seek-a loved one- 

in my conceits, to share my loneliness and growing boredom.

but, the pending horrors (of night) hail 

my fears, and cease my pen to paint my dreams 

upon the twinkling sky; 

and dimly i heard a voice, saying: 

‘you’r strong but wrong, 

Don’t revere your stinky thoughts, worthless they as old wives tale.

behold! those clouds that may not shower any rain, but (at least) 

will color your sunset sky, so, 

sing your dreams, you are not done yet. 

Poem – Peace Be Upon 

peace, an unbaptised hope; 
made off in furtive manner

‘the Father’s land’.

And left behind curse and chaos 

that leads to 

havoc and harm.
‘i was waiting to see

thy journey end, 

and welcome you back, 

but found you as…

a mirage 

that feeds 

on the masses’ ignorance. And

an ‘irreducible complexity’

these petty prejudices are.’
such is my land: 

bruised by filthy ‘norms’

like a tender skin 

when touch by winter’s wind, 

and sweep away 

her fairness and charm.

Poem – Sunset

Meeting you 
was pure destiny, 

You and I 

were ment to be.
Maybe not now

but someday soon, 

We’ll meet not under the sun

but beneath the moon.
We’ll watch the stars

’till they fade away, 

but we won’t fade

together we’ll always stay.
This is the day 

I’m waiting for, 

from that day

I’ll love you more and more.
I can’t wait to watch

the sun set with you, 

every sunset from that day

’till the rest of 

our lives are through.