Poem – Suicide

Sweat drop
On top

Trigger pop

Written note

All I got

Hang knot

Body rot

Suicide cop
I hope not

Cry out loud

I think not

Body’s hot

I am too proud

I am loved a lot

Roof top.

Suicide bride
Heavy vain

Your game 

the same

Trapped shame

Gone insane

Who’s to blame

Red stain

Suicide rain
Addictive dope

Needle hope

Poison taste

Drowning beer

Gun shot

Painless fear

Powder nose

Suicide dose
Razor blades

Flame stare

Pain fades

Sadden tear

Candle wax

Smoke dare

Burn down

Suicide flare
No bluff

No name

War zone

Innocent prey

Soul blown

Cry all day

Set mind

Suicide bomb

traffic jam

Plane jack

Head strong

Help protect

Customs wrong

Dead plot

Suicide stop
– – – 

stop the suicide 


About भण्डारी2013

Has a reflective and idealistic types of personality. Loves to participate in Social activities. Extremely loyal by nature. Laid back unless a strongly held value is threatened and a talented writer too.
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