Poem – Dancing After Yes

Alone and lost amongst the trees, 

the young one stood and wept.

He yearned for home upon his knees, 

in fright as daylight slept.
He knelt in wait, but night remained, 

as roaring clouds rolled in.

The skies became a beast unchained, 

as rain beset his skin.
But in that dark and stormy bind, 

the young one faced his fear.

When he arose in peaceful mind, 

the skies began to clear.
With all the doubt and gloom at bay

the rays of dawn came down.

The sanguine light revealed the way –

A homeward path was found.
A timid boy no longer now, 

he strolled beyond the trees.

Singling loud, he basked in how

he felt the sun and breeze.
His home would welcome him at last –

His goal and greatest need, 

but if he ran the route too fast

he’d miss the sights to see.
So knowing now when things go wrong, 

or if he’s lost his way, 

to face the fears by staying strong – 

Became a man today. 

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