Poem – Part I 

I. Adopting and Adapting 
I brought the handsome animal home, 

sparing him the shelter’s syringe; 

watched the old cat acclimate 

to a place that wasn’t a cage, 

his worry-glossed eyes wide, peeking 

meekly from the open carrier, 

the massive frame of him trembling, 

his nervous nose twitching, 

sniffing the well-worn gray carpet 

while creeping forward into the light – 

curiously, cautiously touring my apartment – 

exploring the rooms of new life. 

Poem – 88 Ways to Say Goodbye

These keys beneath my fingertips 

express my soul through Musics’ lips.

Emotion fuels the solemn songs I play.
With mournful chords of black and white

I grieve the loss of love tonight.

My melodies display my disarray.
You loved it when I played ‘our’ song, 

you’d sit with me and sing along

and at the end we’d always share a kiss.
But now the voice that filled this den

has lost the fight no one can win

so here I play alone and reminisce.
With every key I say goodbye; 

they represent the tears I cried

those months I sat and watched you fade away.
So here upon this bench of mine, 

I play ‘our’ song just one last time

then blow a final kiss my babys’ way. 

Poem – A Dragon and A Hero 

Note: This is a two-part acrostic poem.
Death and destruction descends like a storm – 

…creature of legend and mythical form. 

Reaping the lives of the women and men – 

…flames of the winged one scorching their skin. 

Agony, terror and hopelessness reigns – 

…children are crying with fear in their veins. 

Giant and scaly, with hell colored eyes, 

…beast of the ancient rains fire from the skies. 

Only the strongest survive the attack – 

…dreading the day that the creature comes back. 

No man or weapon has challenged the scourge. 

…hope that a hero will someday emerge. 
Hope brings a hero to vanquish a beast. 

Evil had driven its blood thirsty feast. 

Ruthless and epic – the battle campaign. 

Ode to the hero – the dragon is slain.