Poem – Jewels of a Desertscape

Like a flawless ruby of the setting sun, 

you radiate clearly across the skies, 

in an array of soft and tender tones, 

your splendour and warmth, ethereal.

Your warmth keeps my sorrow at bay.
Like a million sapphires eroding the earth, 

you flow through the plains of my heart, 

beyond the shifting dunes into my veins

with crystal waters of tranquil purity.

Your waters bring life to my barren soils.
Like the rounded pearl of the full moon

your light screens the void of the night.

with light glimmering in a silvery array

across the scapes like diamonds in the sand.

My beacon against shadows of my night
For your love is like a precious gift.

No Pearl, nor Gemstone or even Diamond

can match the serenity of your love for me. 

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