Poem – The Tigress

She who stands proud, strong, relentless, at obtaining her prey, 

She who is fierce, determined to have what she wants, 

She will not stop until she barricades her hidden and strong desires, 

Blood of the tiger flowing through her veins, 

She who wants it is she, who gets, 

A female warrior acting on impulse, controlled by her will power, 

How woman has a divine spirit, 

A heart, also a mind that is not consumed by stupid unnecessary provocative actions, 

She who is The Tigress, is a woman to be feared, respected, admired, you either like her or not, 

There are no exceptions, 

You are brave, The Tigress is in you. 

Poem – The Rapture Woman 

Once upon a time there was a woman who bewitched any man she pleased, 

Fiddled with his pride not caring if he’d die, 

Then one unforeseen day she fell in love with a man with an revolting facade, 

To her he was a emperor and lovely as the stars that shined, 

She cherished him like a lover and kept him always in her mind, 

They had a child and named her Chloe, 

Chloe was a gorgeous child, 

She lived up to her name, 

Her laugh was unbearably sweet, 

Looking like her mother, 

Eyes like her father, 

Her smile lit a room, 

Her giggle place love in nations, 

Invidious villagers wondered how such a child came from the seed of an appalling man, 

So they deliberated to form a plan to pilfer the woman, 

They moved hastily and broke in the house while she was sleeping, 

Hoisted her, lusting for her and wanting her to have their kids, 

Slipping the fabrication they poured into her mouth, 

Drinking them as it was the air she direly desired, 

One put his hand on her bosom, 

Her eyes drifted open to see a distort illusion, 

In her eyes, the man was her husband, 

Weeks past and she awoke like sleeping beauty, 

Knowing not where she was, 

She closed her eyes as the smell breached her nose, 

Opening them once more, 

Just a peak and nothing more, 

Her heart finally tore, 

She gazed at her plump stomach gagged at the thought, 

A child not her husband’s, 

She now knew how the men whose hearts she fractured felt, 

Shame came upon her, 

The men stared down at her, 

Her lips trembled, 

She felt alive, 

But all she could do was run, 

Run woman run for your life, 

Trembling as if the earth fell, 

A man caught her and she cried out, 

Kissing her forcefully and twisting her arm, 

Another man grabbed her legs, 

She gave in ten days later, 

Surrendering herself to them, 

Ten years later she bore six children since then, 

Escaping the men at night taking whatever help she could, 

She had to ride in places where no woman would ever want to be, 

Wanting to reunite with her family, 

She had new determination, 

Her pride had shown out, 

Once she knew where to go, 

Only one thing was on her mind, 

The place where her children and she belonged, 

Arriving home to her daughter and husband, 

She stood there with the children behind her, 

Not looking him in her eyes, 

For he knew what happened, 

She thought that he did not want her anymore, 

When her eyes did, 

He embraced her, 




She felt safe, 

Her life was back to normal… so she thought, 

A light binding her face, 

She could not hold face, 

Perilous danger was not her taste, 

A thought of disownment came to her, 

She pierced his gaze, 

That she was all she could do to keep from faltering, 

Biting her lip, 

Holding back repressed tears, 

His stroke…an angel destroying her darkness, 

The children around her started to gather, 

A circle of her story, 

He looked at her, 

Her eyes never leaving his detailed face, 

No longer could she stand, 

Crushing her between him, 

The pain of ten years came out, 

Chloe, oh how she aged, 

No longer a little girl, 

Transformed into a young lady, 

Chloe had her arms out, 

With no hesitation, 

She ran into her daughter’s arms, 

Tears as beautiful as a river, 

Chloe said no words, 

She was old enough to know what happened, 

Her husband grinned, 

She wiped tears away, 

All the children, 

Even Chloe, formed a complete circle, 

She and he was in the middle of it, 

“This is our family, Nadiaa.”

“Kayan, oh my sweet.”

The children were happy, 

Their life started anew 

Poem – Pursuits

All the folks on the pursuit of joy, 

Ride a rollercoaster across time

Finding and losing at each bend

The feel of terror in all its ecstasy

The bends, ups and downs, excite


All the folks in pursuit of love

implode in a vacuum of the self

a fight to gain emotion in another

to be spellbound in the heart’s clutter

Falling in and out of the holes of others


All the folks in pursuit of meaning

Search the corners of the their planes

To gain value in the muscles of their souls

To find something of sustenance

To bea able to brearth out life, not just in.


All the folks in pursuit of Joy

Reap the fruit from the friendships found

So that they can drink its wine in celebration

To feel the burn of life our veins

So that it may carry us through the gloom


For all the folks in pursuit of life

Panic along a rollercoaster in ecstasy

As they find and lose the emotion in our hearts, 

As meaning is found and lost in our plunder, 

So that we can drink the wine our creation. 

Poem – Like a God Like You

Like a mountain spring, 

You flow through me. 

With non-perennial waters, 

I’ll never thirst again. 
Like the sun on my back, 

Your light warms my smile. 

With rays made of gold, 

You bring worth to my day. 
Like the back of a Brumby, 

You carry me when weak. 

With trusted strides, 

We march on to victory. 
Like a knight’s armour, 

You strengthen my will. 

With polished silver, 

I will stay true. 
Like a God like You, 

You will stay with me. 

With untainted love, 

You watch over me. 
I will remain strong, 

In your arms I rest 

Poem – King of Beasts

Man has built an empire from dust today, 

a world separate from that of the beasts, 

govern by a new order, both civil and just, 

executed by mere men with precision.

Man has achieved a prestigious deed; 

He has created a kingdom to his own image.


Cultured by that what we’ve created, 

our power flourishes like locusts in the wind.

For we are the mechanics of our order, 

with facts of science and supreme logic, 

we evolve and indulge in self preservation, 

as we feast on the fruits that we bare.


No more need for outside guidance.

For we are the masters of our own world, 

We will govern our order as we see fit, 

for a God’s law are but subjective to our own.

for we’ve created a piece of heaven.

For we are almighty! Creators of Babylon.




What have we become? 

We crave blood like the beasts themselves.

Our order devours at the filth we’ve created

As we feed on our own decaying flesh in lust, 

for gain, to power, to sex, for hierarchy.

We have become the most savage beast of all.

As we gladly bathe in the blood of our neigbours. 

Poem – Jewels of a Desertscape

Like a flawless ruby of the setting sun, 

you radiate clearly across the skies, 

in an array of soft and tender tones, 

your splendour and warmth, ethereal.

Your warmth keeps my sorrow at bay.
Like a million sapphires eroding the earth, 

you flow through the plains of my heart, 

beyond the shifting dunes into my veins

with crystal waters of tranquil purity.

Your waters bring life to my barren soils.
Like the rounded pearl of the full moon

your light screens the void of the night.

with light glimmering in a silvery array

across the scapes like diamonds in the sand.

My beacon against shadows of my night
For your love is like a precious gift.

No Pearl, nor Gemstone or even Diamond

can match the serenity of your love for me.