Poem – Grand Equation 

In a Grand Formula depicting our world

all variables, equate to zero, to nothing, 

for all our actions conjure in a vacuum, 

as the Sun burns out, so do we shower in it.

Nothing is ever gained, nothing is ever lost.
From the dust we’re molded

the pain of labor brings joy, new life

and from its passing comes sorrow

as we return to that same dust

A continuous cycle of recycled dirt.


For our Joy is equal to our sorrow

and the good of our hearts to evil of our lusts

but, such things are indefinable, immeasurable

For the decision we take on the immeasurable

creates the definable, the measurable, value.


For we all but variables in a Grand Equation

in the end, it’s not your worth that matters

for all values are opposed, nullified to zero

In the end; it’s your polarity that counts

and how you’ll be corrected from the Grand Equation. 

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