Poem – The Truth of Woman 

Woman’s faith, and woman’s trust –

Write the characters in the dust;

Stamp them on the running stream,

Print them on the moon’s pale beam,

And each evanescent letter

Shall be clearer, firmer, better,

And more permanent, I ween,

Than the thing those letters mean.
I have strain’d the spider’s thread

‘Gainst the promise of a maid;

I have weigh’d a grain of sand

‘Gainst her plight of heart and hand;

I told my true love of the token,

How her faith proved light, and her word was broken:

Again her word and truth she plight,

And I believed them again ere night. 


About भण्डारी2013

Has a reflective and idealistic types of personality. Loves to participate in Social activities. Extremely loyal by nature. Laid back unless a strongly held value is threatened and a talented writer too.
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