Poem – The Promises of the Covenant of Grace

Hymn 9 

Isa. 55:1,2; Zech. 13:1; Mic. 7:19; Ezek. 36:25, etc.
In vain we lavish out our lives

To gather empty wind;

The choicest blessings earth can yield

Will starve a hungry mind.
Come, and the Lord shall feed our souls

With more substantial meat,

With such as saints in glory love,

With such as angels eat.
Our God will every want supply,

And fill our hearts with peace;

He gives by cov’nant and by oath

The riches of his grace.
Come, and he’ll cleanse our spotted souls,

And wash away our stains

In the dear fountain that his Son

Poured from his dying veins.
[Our guilt shall vanish all away,

Though black as hell before;

Our sins shall sink beneath the sea,

And shall be found no more.
And, lest pollution should o’erspread

Our inward powers again,

His Spirit shall bedew our souls,

Like purifying rain.]
Our heart, that flinty, stubborn thing,

That terrors cannot move,

That fears no threat’nings of his wrath,

Shall be dissolved by love.
Or he can take the flint away

That would not be refined;

And from the treasures of his grace

Bestow a softer mind.
There shall his sacred Spirit dwell,

And deep engrave his law,

And every motion of our souls

To swift obedience draw.
Thus will he pour salvation down,

And we shall render praise;

We the dear people of his love,

And he our God of grace. 

Poem – Youth and Judgment 

Hymn 89

Eccl. 11:9. 
Ye sons of Adam, vain and young,

Indulge your eyes, indulge your tongue,

Taste the delights your souls desire,

And give a loose to all your fire;
Pursue the pleasures you design,

And cheer your hearts with songs and wine;

Enjoy the day of mirth, but know

There is a day of judgment too.
God from on high beholds your thoughts,

His book records your secret faults;

The works of darkness you have done

Must all appear before the sun.
The vengeance to your follies due

Should strike your hearts with terror through:

How will you stand before his face,

Or answer for his injured grace?
Almighty God! turn off their eyes

From these alluring vanities;

And let the thunder of thy word

Awake their souls to fear the Lord. 

Poem – Life The Day of Grace and Hope

Hymn 88

Eccl. 9:4-6,10. 
Life is the time to serve the Lord,

The time t’ insure the great reward;

And while the lamp holds out to burn,

The vilest sinner may return.
[Life is the hour that God has giv’n

To ‘scape from hell and fly to heav’n;

The day of grace, and mortals may

Secure the blessings of the day.]
The living know that they must die,

But all the dead forgotten lie;

Their mem’ry and their sense is gone,

Alike unknowing and unknown.
[Their hatred and their love is lost,

Their envy buried in the dust;

They have no share in all that’s done

Beneath the circuit of the sun.]
Then what my thoughts design to do,

My hands, with all your might pursue;

Since no device nor work is found,

Nor faith, nor hope, beneath the ground.
There are no acts of pardon passed

In the cold grave, to which we haste;

But darkness, death, and long despair,

Reign in eternal silence there. 

Poem – Stupendous Love of God Most High

Hymn XXV

Stupendous love of God most high!

He comes to meet us from the sky

In mildest majesty;

Full of unutterable grace,

He calls the weary burdened race,

“Come all for help to me.” 
Tired with the greatness of my way,

From him I would no longer stray,

But rest in Jesus have;

Weary of sin, from sin would cease,

Weary of mine own righteousness,

And stoop, myself to save. 
Weary of passions unsubdued,

Weary of vows in vain renewed,

Of forms without the power,

Of prayers, and hopes, complaints, and groans,

My fainting soul in silence owns

I can hold out no more. 
Beneath this mountain load of grief,

Of guilt and desperate unbelief,

Jesus, thy creature see;

With all my nature’s weight oppressed,

I sink, I die for want of rest,

Yet cannot come to thee. 
Mine utter helplessness I feel;

But thou, who gav’st the feeble will,

The effectual grace supply;

Be thou my strength, my light, my way,

And bid my soul the call obey,

And to thy bosom fly. 
Fulfil thine own intense desire,

And now into my heart inspire

The power of faith and love;

Then, Saviour, then to thee I come,

And find on earth the life, the home,

The rest of saints above.