Poem – Girltalk 

My babygirl is growing up, 

She’s stuck onto her phone, 

And while she chatters on at night, 

I can’t help groan and moan! 
She clutches tightly on to it, 

the way she clutched my hand, 

When she was still my babygirl, 

Why won’t she understand? ? 
That phone is her connection

To a grown-up, scary place, 

And I pray for her protection, 

When I see her baby-face.
For she’ll always be my baby, 

Even when shes ninety-five, 

I knew her before I saw her, 

In the center of my life.
So, why must we frown and bicker? 

And weep within our heart, 

Let nothing come between us

No phone will keep us apart.
And then I pause and pray awhile, 

And feel so safe and warm, 

My babygirl will understand, 

One day…when she’s a Mom! 

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