Poem – Forgive 

Why must love be always tragic? 

Why must joy destroy the magic? 

Is there no place for happy love? 

or is that meant for turtle doves? 
Must bitter tears and heartache be, 

a sign of true love’s legacy? 

Can’t laughter be love’s serenade? 

Why must the laughing always fade? 
Seems to me, love loves the pain, 

and the tears that fall like rain; 

And the ache that lingers on, 

that gnaws the heart from dusk to dawn.
Yet, that ache, that tears the soul, 

is what makes us live, makes us whole.

For every pain, there is a cure; 

and true love one day, will endure.
And on that day, that magic day, 

smiles will wipe those tears away; 

From wracking pain, completely free, 

the heartache, just a memory…
Healing comes and lets us live, 

if only we forget, forgive. 

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