Poem – Girltalk 

My babygirl is growing up, 

She’s stuck onto her phone, 

And while she chatters on at night, 

I can’t help groan and moan! 
She clutches tightly on to it, 

the way she clutched my hand, 

When she was still my babygirl, 

Why won’t she understand? ? 
That phone is her connection

To a grown-up, scary place, 

And I pray for her protection, 

When I see her baby-face.
For she’ll always be my baby, 

Even when shes ninety-five, 

I knew her before I saw her, 

In the center of my life.
So, why must we frown and bicker? 

And weep within our heart, 

Let nothing come between us

No phone will keep us apart.
And then I pause and pray awhile, 

And feel so safe and warm, 

My babygirl will understand, 

One day…when she’s a Mom! 

Poem – Forgive 

Why must love be always tragic? 

Why must joy destroy the magic? 

Is there no place for happy love? 

or is that meant for turtle doves? 
Must bitter tears and heartache be, 

a sign of true love’s legacy? 

Can’t laughter be love’s serenade? 

Why must the laughing always fade? 
Seems to me, love loves the pain, 

and the tears that fall like rain; 

And the ache that lingers on, 

that gnaws the heart from dusk to dawn.
Yet, that ache, that tears the soul, 

is what makes us live, makes us whole.

For every pain, there is a cure; 

and true love one day, will endure.
And on that day, that magic day, 

smiles will wipe those tears away; 

From wracking pain, completely free, 

the heartache, just a memory…
Healing comes and lets us live, 

if only we forget, forgive. 

Poem – For Zee 

I’m growing and growing, as quick as I can, 

According to Heaven’s intricate plan! 

I’m a butterfly baby, I’m heaven-sent, 

My kisses are magic, to an incredible extent! 

I’m dancing thru’ life, each day is a song, 

I write the lyrics, now c’mon sing along! 

My life is a cakewalk, an exciting game, 

My high fashion sense, puts Brittney to shame! 

Lessons are easy, and studying is fun, 

At the end of the day, my homework is done! 

I wake up to Mum, and Dad’s hearty laughter, 

I love to watch them, live happily ever after! 

Our home is a haven, of peace and delight, 

We chase troubles away, and make things alright! 

Of course there are times, when I wear a frown, 

But then I do hand-stands, and turn it around! 

How utterly awesome, how blessed to be, 

amazing, spectacular, PHENOMENAL me! 

Poem – Follow Your Feet

Have you ever let your feet 

take you where they please? 

Have you ever walked for miles

to find trivial troubles ease? 
Once, I freed my little feet, 

I followed aimelessly.

I found myself on paths, 

that once were lost to me.
My feet lead me to a sandy beach, 

My feet kicked off my shoes, 

I nestled in the silky sand, 

I needed no excuse.
Once, while walking to the shops, 

They chose the other way, 

‘Not today! ‘, I thought, perturbed, 

‘I need to shop today…’
My feet took me to a park, 

My feet kicked off my shoes, 

I sank into the dewy grass, 

How could I refuse? 
Once, while rushing off to work, 

my feet paused on the road, 

We stopped to face the old white Cross, 

all in auto-mode.
My feet took me into Church, 

My feet kicked off my shoes, 

I felt white marble, cool & sweet, 

I knelt within the pews.
As I bowed my head to pray, 

and felt the sweet shalom, 

I heard the silence in my soul, 

I knew that I was home.