What shall I do – it Whimpers so – Emily Dickinson

What shall I do—it whimpers so—

This little Hound within the Heart

All day and night with bark and start—

And yet, it will not go—

Would you untie it, were you me—

Would it stop whining—if to Thee—

I sent it—even now?
It should not tease you—

By your chair—or, on the mat—

Or if it dare—to climb your dizzy knee—

Or—sometimes at your side to run—

When you were willing—

Shall it come?

Tell Carlo—

He’ll tell me! 

What Soft – Cherubic Creatures – Emily Dickinson

What Soft—Cherubic Creatures—

These Gentlewomen are—

One would as soon assault a Plush—

Or violate a Star—
Such Dimity Convictions—

A Horror so refined

Of freckled Human Nature—

Of Deity—ashamed—
It’s such a common—Glory—

A Fisherman’s—Degree—

Redemption—Brittle Lady—

Be so—ashamed of Thee—