What would I give to see his Face – Emily Dickinson

What would I give to see his face?

I’d give—I’d give my life—of course—

But that is not enough!

Stop just a minute—let me think!

I’d give my biggest Bobolink!

That makes two—Him—and Life!

You know who “June” is—

I’d give her—

Roses a day from Zanzibar—

And Lily tubes—like Wells—

Bees—by the furlong—

Straits of Blue

Navies of Butterflies—sailed thro’—

And dappled Cowslip Dells—
Then I have “shares” in Primrose “Banks”—

Daffodil Dowries—spicy “Stocks”—

Dominions—broad as Dew—

Bags of Doublons—adventurous Bees

Brought me—from firmamental seas—

And Purple—from Peru—
Now—have I bought it—

“Shylock”? Say!

Sign me the Bond!

“I vow to pay

To Her—who pledges this—

One hour—of her Sovereign’s face”!

Ecstatic Contract!

Niggard Grace!

My Kingdom’s worth of Bliss!