Naqsh Faryadi – Mirza Ghalib

Urdu Script
نقش فریادی ہے کس کی شوخیِ تحریر کا

کاغذی ہے پیرہن ہر پیکرِ تصویر کا 
کاو کاوِ سخت جانیہاۓ تنہائی نہ پوچھ 

صبح کرنا شام کا لانا ہے جوۓ شیر کا
جذبۂ بے اختیارِ شوق دیکھا چاہیے 

سینۂ شمشیر سے باہر ہے دم شمشیر کا
آگہی دامِ شنیدن جس قدر چاہے بچھائے 

مدّعا عنقا ہے اپنے عالمِ تقریر کا 
بسکہ ہوں غالب اسیری میں بھی آتش زیرِ پا 

موۓ آتش دیدہ ہے حلقہ مری زنجیر کا 
Devnagiri Script
नक़श फ़रयादी है किस की शोख़ी-ए तहरीर का 

काग़ज़ी है पैरहन हर पैकर-ए तसवीर का 
काव-काव-ए सख़त-जानीहा-ए तनहाई न पूछ 

सुबह करना शाम का लाना है जू-ए शीर का
जज़बह-ए बे-इख़तियार-ए शौक़ देखा चाहिये 

सीनह-ए शमशीर से बाहर है दम शमशीर का
आगही दाम-ए शुनीदन जिस क़दर चाहे बिछाए 

मुददअनक़ा है अपने `आलम-ए तक़रीर का 
बसकि हूं ग़ालिब असीरी में भी आतिश ज़ेर-ए पा 

मू-ए आतिश-दीदह है हलक़ह मिरी ज़नजीर का 

English Transcript

Naqsh faryaadi hai kiski shaukhi-e tehreer ka

Kagazi hai pairahan har paikar-e tasveer ka
Kaay-kaay-e-sakht-janeeha-e tanhai na poochh

Subha karna shaam ka lana hai juu-e-sheer ka
Jazbah-e-bey-ikhtiyaar-e shouk deykha chahiye

Sinah-e shamseer sey baahar hai dum shamsheer ka
Aagahee daam-e shunidan jis qadar chaahey bichhaaye

Mudad aa anka hai apney aalam-e takreer ka
Baski hoon Ghalib aseeri mein bhi aatish zer-e pa

Muu-e aatish-deedah hai halkah meri zanjeer ka 

No Hopes Comes My Way – Mirza Ghalib 

No hope comes my way

No visage shows itself to me

That death will come one day is definite

Then why does sleep evade me all night? 

I used to laugh at the state of my heart

Now no one thing brings a smile

Though I know the reward of religious devotion

My attention does not settle in that direction

It is for these reasons that I am quiet

If not, would I not converse with you? 
Why should I not remember you? 

Even if you cannot hear my lament
You don’t see the anguish in my heart

O healer, the scent of my pain eludes you
I am now at that point

That even I don’t know myself
I die in the hope of dying

Death arrives and then never arrives
How will you face Mecca, Ghalib

When shame doesn’t come to you 

Pain did not Become Grateful to Medicine – Mirza Ghalib

Pain did not become grateful to medicine

I didn’t get well; [but it] wasn’t bad either
Why are you gathering the Rivals? 

[It was just] a mere spectacle [that] took place, no complaint was made

Where would we go to test our fate/ destiny? 

When you yourself did not put your dagger to test 

How sweet are your lips, that the rival

[after] receiving abuse, did not lack pleasure

Recent/ hot news is that she is coming

Only today, in the house there was not a straw mat! 

Does the divinity belonged to Namrood’? 

[cause] in your servitude, my wellbeing did not happen
[God] gave life- the given [life] was His alone 

The truth is; that the responsibility was not fulfilled [by us]
If the wound was pressed, the blood did not stop 

[though] the task was halted, [but the bleeding still] set out
Is it highway robbery, or is it heart-theft? 

Having taken the heart, the heart-thief set out [to depart]

Recite something, for people are saying

Today “Ghalib” was not a ghazal-reciter