Rhythms of My Poems – Tulsi Shrestha

Rhythms of my poem 

Spring from 

Your beauty. 

Rhymes of my voice 

Emerge from 

Your speech. 

Eternal is a word

My heart spells 

For your love.

A new language 

I need to create

For your clarity. 

When you approach me

With a sweet smile

Forest catches fire.

I captivate golden dawn

To present you

As a precious gift. 

Contents of my poem is you

Hence your essence is due

As an eternal guest.

Let me wrap your beauty 

To enclose inside thirst

Of my eyes. 

Right to be Angry with Me – Tulsi Shrestha 

You  have right to be angry with me 

An essence of me, indeed it is you.

You belong to no one, but to me

Light of my life, believe me it is you.
The heaven has right to wrap blue ocean 

Bees have right to suck flower-sweetness. 

Life has right over your own motion

The charity has right over its greatness. 
Your face turns bright and red with anger 

It is incredible sight like golden dawn

I preserve it as joyful moment of temper

My love dissolves deep inside your bone.