Struggle – Tulsi Shrestha 


When romantic dream I dream everyday

dissolves as line drawn in water surface, 

then I constantly struggle with the death.
When I try to explore my own reality; 

I’ve lost my future as I involved in past, 

then I plan to purchase pleasure.
When I try to gain spiritual maturity; 

my faith and beliefs get distorted, 

then I realize the naked truth of society.
When luck compels me to carry empty jar; 

I’m enforced to pledge my own ideal, 

then I start to fetch my own shadow. 
When I try to compromise with relatives; 

my desires and ambition get raped, 

then I continue to hug my own griefs. 
When I attempt to imprison beams of hope; 

I notice blood-suckers in name of preservation, 

then I insist companionship with solitude and sadness. 
When social prestige and blood relation; 

measured in term of money earned; 

then I notice the false worth of love and charity
When I attempt to struggle with falsification; 

I get hated by my own society itself; 

then I get lost my unique entity.
When I get excited by heavenly day dream; 

fertilized hope gets aborted from womb, 

then I realize the real meaning of mirage. 

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