An Echo of Love – Tulsi Shrestha


The first sentence that mountain learns to echo

I am sure that is indeed -” I love you’ Feminine 

Beyond the mystery of femininity, you are naked reality 

No doubt, you are the spirit of chastity and purity. 
Let me observe and say, what I see in you

You are faith and conclusion of my own life

External you are and eternal your love is

No doubt, it perfumes as long as the world exists. 
Let us reverse the criteria of comparison 

The ocean is deeper as your eye – depth 

Flower is elegant and beautiful like you

Rose – petals tender like your pinky lips.
The earth, moon and the universe itself

Really fell glory to symbolize you as them

The beauty blossoms from your breasts

The life originates from your mysterious womb.
The cyclone of love and fire of passion 

Breath of joy and fusion of two hearts

It is indeed no one but you feminine 

Who certifies them as essence of life 


I do regard you as a cause of creation 

Rivers of love and compassion 

The spirit of life and pure devotion 

As these are your source of dedication. 
You are the destination of human life

Sweet smile of the whole earth and sky

Each and every sensible parts of yours

Enough to reflect the beauty of nature itself 

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