Epilogue – Naseer Ahmed Nasir

Having forsaken all paths open to me

I come to you


And when for a while I am with you

I go beyond myself for eons

In measuring the distance of a single word.

I exhaust the breath count

Of my vanquished life-span

In the midst of your victorious centuries.

The single moment with you

Which becomes the digit of my fate

Remains deprived of any count.
The seasons exhaust all their four guise-embodiments

And snows of uncounted millenia

Continue piling up in heaps

On the poles

From beginning to the end of time

While you sit near the fireplace

Soaking yourself in the warmth

Of a tete-a-tete.
The horizons of this room

Like your love

Are indeed vast

But my uprooted feet

Can’t find their footing in space

And I perforce

Seek reincarnation again and again

Each time I loose my life’s dream

In your eyes.
This time (however) 

I ‘ ve nothing to loose or gain

No great battles remain to be fought

All I wish is

To die the last time

Living the remainder of my life. 

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