Lenten Poems –  Ashes To Ashes 

A Cross on my forehead, in ash, 

reminds me of where I will be; 

when the years pass by in a flash, 

I’ll return to the earth, naturally.
The ways of the world are a veil, 

that seek to berate and to hate; 

that aim to destroy and assail, 

but that too will disintegrate.
And truth will triumph in the end, 

in all its pure glory and might; 

And we will all learn to transcend, 

the grief and the fear of the night.
So, remember, reflect and repent, 

for this precious time is Lent… 

Roann Mendriq

Leaving Leaves – Roann Mendriq

When leaves leave loving Mother tree, 

how wistful sad that tree must be; 

Like when a child is going away, 

unseen, unheard until one day, 

when then again he’ll be come around, 

to enamour all with his sweet sound

of constant talk, angelic laughter, 

that lingers on for ever after.

Leaves they fall down to the ground, 

to meet the earth where they are found

by little birds who line a nest

in Mother tree, wherein they rest.

Returned to her, for evermore, 

nestling within her own heartstore.
And so it is, I do believe…

To love and live, we have to leave. 

कविता – पिएर त हेर

‘मैले पिएकोमा रिसाएका साथीहरु
पिएर त हेर, पिउन झन् गाह्रो छ ।
मरेर शहीद हुनेहरु
जिएर त हेर, जिउन झन् गाह्रो छ !!’

कविता – चिसो आस्त्रे

यहाँ जो आउँछन्
मुटुभरि आगो, ओठभरि ज्वाला बोकेर आउँछन्
यहाँ जो बस्छन्
हत्केलाभरि खरानी र आँखाभरि धुवाँ बोकेर बस्छन्
र यहाँबाट जो जान्छन्
पोल्टाभरि निभेका विस्वासहरु र सपनाहरु सोहोरेर जान्छन्
यस्तो छ यो चारभञ्ज्याङ् खाल्टो
एउटा चिसो एष्ट्रे जस्तो छ
यो चारभञ्ज्याङ् खाल्टो