Krishna Returning With The Herd – Sant Surdas

Mohan comes herding the cows, 

crown of peacock feathers on his head, 

garland of forest flowers on his chest, 

in his hand a wooden staff, 

his body wrapped in cow-dust. 

A band around his waist 

and from his feet the sound of anklets 

there amidst his cow-boy friends 

Shyam comes. His yellow garments standing out 

like lightning amidst the clouds.

Secret Signs – Sant Surdas

Krishna conveyed by signs to clever Radha. [he could not speak out as her girl friends were with her] to make a pretence of milking the cows, and picking up the milkpail come to meet him in the meadow. Nanda, his foster-father, would also be there to have the cows counted and verified, and he would bring him along too. So they would have a chance to meet. Radha’s heart rejoiced at their mutual resolve. But that lovely golden-hued girl, feeling abashed, hid her face in her arms. Krishna amorously lifting it up gazed at her lovingly. They kept their hidden love to themselves. Says Suradasa as Krishna went on speaking sweet nothings, Radha blushed with shame.

The Course Of Love – Sant Surdas

Seeing Radha stand alone, Krishna came from behind and blindfolded her with his hands. But his hands could not fully cover her large and elongated vivacious eyes. They shone out from within his fingers as a serpent’s gem which it had disgorged and hid between its fangs;” or as Rahu finding the sun and Mars together, had pounced and held them fast. Krishna does not have any self-interest, for there is nothing for him to desire or achieve. But he removes the grief of separation of those whom he loves. His eyes came close to Radha’s, and his lips were on hers. It was as though the lotuses forgetting their opposition to the moon had opened their petals to be kissed by the moon rays. Says Suradasa, Krishna’s loving embrace removed from Radha. the sorrow of her parting.

Krishna Awakes – Sant Surdas

Krishna awake, for the day has dawned: 

large, deep and lotus-like, 

your eyes are as in the love-shaped lake 

a pair of swans even a million Kamadevas cannot vie 

with the bewitching beauty of your face; 

the sun rises in the east, 

a crimson ball the night is going 

and the moonlight pales 

the lamps turn dim 

and the stars fade out 

as though the bright radiance of wisdom’s rays 

dispels the pleasures that the senses tire, 

and the light of hope chases away 

the murky darkness of despair and doubt. 
Listen, the birds sing 

aloud with glee O sweet child, 

life of my life, 

my sole wealth, 

O darling boy, 

bards and minstrels 

sing your praises, 

saying ‘victory! victory!’ 
Clusters of lotuses burst into bloom 

the bumblebees humming with sweet sound 

leave the lotuses; 

as though the devout renouncing worldly ties, 

in your love drowned 

chant your name as they go about. 
Hearing his mother’s words with love 

drenched the Lord of Mercy arose from his bed; 

the world’s woes vanished, 

maya’s net was rent. 
Says Suradasa, 

‘Seeing his lotus face delusion fled; 

all doubts and dualities were destroyed and I found in Govinda eternal joy.

Krishna Approaches Radha – Sant Surdas

Krishna said, ‘O fair beauty, who are you? 

Where do you live? Whose daughter are you? 

I never yet saw you in the lanes of Braj.’ 
Radha said, ‘What need have I to come this way? 

I keep playing by my door. 

But I hear that some son of Nanda 

is in the habit of stealing butter and curds.’ 
Krishna said, ‘Look, why should I appropriate 

anything that’s yours? Come, let’s play together.’ 
Suradasa says: By his honied words, 

Krishna, the crafty prince of amorists, 

beguiled Radha and put her at ease.

Breakfast – Sant Surdas

O Hari, ’tis morn, awake, there’s water in the jar for you to wash your face no need to hurry there’s plenty of time. 
I’ll bring you whatever you like for your breakfast- dried fruits, butter, honey and bread. 
Says Suradasa, Yashoda’s heart overflows with joy when her gaze alights on her darling boy.

Tie Your Heart At Night To Mine, Love – Pablo Neruda

Tie your heart at night to mine, love, 

and both will defeat the darkness 

like twin drums beating in the forest 

against the heavy wall of wet leaves. 
Night crossing: black coal of dream 

that cuts the thread of earthly orbs 

with the punctuality of a headlong train 

that pulls cold stone and shadow endlessly. 
Love, because of it, tie me to a purer movement, 

to the grip on life that beats in your breast, 

with the wings of a submerged swan, 
So that our dream might reply 

to the sky’s questioning stars 

with one key, one door closed to shadow.

Your Feet – Pablo Neruda

When I cannot look at your face 

I look at your feet. 

Your feet of arched bone, 

your hard little feet. 

I know that they support you, 

and that your sweet weight 

rises upon them. 

Your waist and your breasts, 

the doubled purple 

of your nipples, 

the sockets of your eyes 

that have just flown away, 

your wide fruit mouth, 

your red tresses, 

my little tower. 

But I love your feet 

only because they walked 

upon the earth and upon 

the wind and upon the waters, 

until they found me.