So Let Them Rule The World – Taslima Nasrin

Just let them be free to do as they please… 
Let all the doors of the world’s arsenals swing open for them… 

Let them wield their swords and hang rifles from their waists… 

Let them clutch grenades in their fists… 
And with the grand inspiration of Dar-ul-Islam in their minds 

Let them go out onto the streets and behead the infidel… 
Let them torture women until death, 

after wrapping their obedient heads with veils, 

and confining them to their rooms… 
Let the rapists go berserk door to door 

to copulate in their erect hysteria, 

so that they can beget male babies to overcrowd the world. 
Let all the men become Talibans overnight… 

Let them seize the entire planet 

from Argentina to Iceland, from Maldives to Morocco, 

from the Bahamas to Bangladesh… 
May the whole universe become their citadel… 
Let the leaders of the world bow down 

upon the sacred land of Islam… 

And let them crown the heads of these terrorists, one by one. 
Yes, let the world’s leaders apologize with folded hands

for their own cruel misdeeds… 

Let them together imbibe the holy water— 

the filthy liquids of these true believers— 

so as to be blessed by their grace.

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