The Candle – Allama Muhammad Iqbal

O Candle! I am also an afflicted person in the world assembly 

Constant complaint is my lot in the manner of the rue 

Love gave the warmth of internal pathos to you 

It made me the florist selling blood-mixed tears 

Whether you be the candle of a celebrating assembly or one at the grave 

In every condition associated with the tears of sorrow you remain 

Your eye views all with equity like the Secret’s Lovers 

My eye is the pride of the tumult of discrimination 

Your illumination is alike in the Ka’bah and the temple 

I am entangled in the temple and the Haram’s discrimination 

Your black smoke contains the sigh’s elegance 

Is some heart hidden in the place of your manifestation? 

You burn with pathos due to distance from Tajalli’s Light

Your pathos the callous ones consider your light 

Though you are burning you are unaware of it all 

You see but do not encompass the internal pathos 

I quiver like mercury with the excitement of vexation 

As well I am aware of vexations of the restless heart 

This was also the elegance of some Beloved 

Which gave me perception of my own pathos 

This cognition of mine keeps me restless 

Innumerable fire temples are asleep in this spark 

Discrimination between high and low is created by this alone! 

Fragrance in flower, ecstasy in wine is created by this alone! 

Garden, nightingale, flower, fragrance this Cognition is 

Root of the struggle of ‘I and you’ this Cognition is 

At creation’s dawn as Beauty became the abode of Love 

The sound of “Kun” taught warmth to the spirit of Love 

The command came Beauty of Kun’s garden to witness

With one eye a thousand dreadful dreams to witness 

Do not ask me of the nature of the veil of being 

The eve of separation was the dawn of my being 

Gone are the days when unaware of imprisonment I was 

That my abode the adornment of the tree of Tur was 

I am a prisoner but consider the cage to be a garden 

This exile’s hovel of sorrow I consider the homeland 

Memories of the homeland a needless melancholy became 

Now the desire for sight, now Longing for search became 

O Candle! Look at the excessive illusion of thought 

Look at the end of the one worshipped by celestial denizens 

Theme of separation I am, the exalted one I am 

Design of the Will of the Universe’s Lord I am 

He desired my display as He designed me 

When at the head of Existence’ Divan He wrote me 

The pearl likes living in a handful of dust 

Style may be dull the subject is excellent 

Not seeing it rightly is the fault of shortsighted perception 

The universe is the show of effulgence of taste for Cognizance 

This network of time and space is the scaling ladder of the Universe 

It is the necklace of the neck of Eternal BeautyI 

have lost the way, Longing for the goal I am 

O Candle! Captive of perception’s illusion I am 

I am the hunter as well as the circle of tyranny’s net! 

I am the Haram’s roof as well as the bird on Haram’s roofAm I the Beauty or head to foot the melting love am I? 

It is not clear whether the beloved or the Lover am I? 

am afraid the old secret may come up to my lips again 

Lest story of suffering on the Cross may come up again.

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