The Colorful Rose – Allama Muhammad Iqbal

You are not troubled with solving enigmas 

O, beautiful Rose! nor do you have sublime feelings in your heart 
Though you ornament the assembly, still you flower apart 

In life’s assembly I am not permitted such comforts 
In my garden I am the complete orchestra of longing 

While your life is devoid of love’s passionate warmth 
To pluck you from the branch is not my custom 

I am not blinded by mere appearances 
O, colorful rose this hand is not your tormentor 

I am no callous flower picker! 
I am no intern to analyze you with scientific eyes 

Like a lover, I see you with nightingales’ eyes 
Despite your innumerable tongues, you have chosen silence 

What secrets, O Rose, lie concealed in your bosom? 
Like me you’re a leaf from the garden of Ñër 

Far from the garden I am, far from the garden we both are 
You are content, but I am a scattered fragrance 

Pierced by the sword of love in my quest 
This turmoil within me might be a means of fulfillment 

This torment, a source of illumination 
My frailty might be the beginning of strength 

My envy might mirror the cup of divination 
My constant vigil is a world-illuminating candle 

And teaches this steed, the human intellect, to gallop

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