A Beautiful Days End – Hasmukh   Amathalal 

Yes beautiful days end 

with close vicinity of friend 

a good day or bad day 

he will show us the way 
life may still move on 

it may lay intact or torn 

you may claim it as won 

it is heavier than ton 
what is sun rise and set? 

It may be nice I bet 

Take it not by chance 

see it through and have a glance 
Nothing remains permanent 

No one should curse it or lament 

It must be enjoyed at proper place 

We should always have smiling face 
Leave everything not to fate 

You will be unfortunate and late 

Love all and don’t try to hate 

Put your views clearly and state 
Who may not want lovely company? 

Why all are eager to stay and accompany? 

What is real secret and eagerness behind? 

We must earnestly seek and find

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