A Beautiful Days End – Hasmukh   Amathalal 

Yes beautiful days end 

with close vicinity of friend 

a good day or bad day 

he will show us the way 
life may still move on 

it may lay intact or torn 

you may claim it as won 

it is heavier than ton 
what is sun rise and set? 

It may be nice I bet 

Take it not by chance 

see it through and have a glance 
Nothing remains permanent 

No one should curse it or lament 

It must be enjoyed at proper place 

We should always have smiling face 
Leave everything not to fate 

You will be unfortunate and late 

Love all and don’t try to hate 

Put your views clearly and state 
Who may not want lovely company? 

Why all are eager to stay and accompany? 

What is real secret and eagerness behind? 

We must earnestly seek and find

A Birth And Death – Hasmukh Amathalal

Several deaths in single birth and death cycle 

all religious books speak the same including Bible 

who can deny the existence death probability 

that has been made permanently the continuity 
Human beings are always guided by emotions 

they emerge in the form of innumerable questions 

it may strike as everything is at stake for the future 

life is uncertain and nothing can be taken for sure 
This leads to imagination as how the life would shape 

life would move on smoothly or prove as trap 

at every stage it may appear as if the end of journey 

you may feel very poor even after having enough of money 
No one may comfortably say that he is not afraid of death 

he may not be in position to proclaim he is weary of wealth 

he too may say falsely that he can withstand any type of wrath 

he can do all with the simple reason that he does not believe in faith 
It has been clearly laid down that death is complete surety 

it has to be faced by child, poor, rich or even mighty 

it is of no use to loose the ground at every stage 

it may be countered if life at every page 
Birth is reality and we have been ushered in new world 

the life may be shaped by others who will continue to hold 

all cards and bring us up in the realistic atmosphere 

even though it is full of challenge, agony, pain and fear 
it is realized and understood that life can’t be brought to an end 

we have to adjust to the scenario with little or some amends 

how could one thing of bringing it to stage of collapse? 

even if he has to face so much hardship and remain tense 
It is not bead of roses that you may be heavenly gifted 

it is sheer your efforts that may help the standard to be lifted 

not all may be lucky to survive the onslaught of fate 

some may get the fortune early of life or very late 
It is futile to think of death at every moment 

you should not fall prey to defeatist tendency or movement 

when we know that life is destined for something new 

you have to make concerted efforts and renew 
One one birth and one death in complete life span 

no second thought or idea must work as plan 

it will be cowards death every time 

this is drawback and will be considered as biggest crime