A Bad Dream – Hasmukh Amathalal

I hastily stepped out from bed to ponder over 

It was bad dream and I started to find cover 

It made me restless and compelled to wonder 

I rubbed the eyes and regained composure however 
It happens many times when you are seized with work 

So many times you may trying to avoid or shirt 

It does not relieve you from burden and chain of thoughts invade 

The memory is fast recycling and not easily fades 
It is human mind that works as super computer 

It adjusts very fast and compels the situation to alter 

It argues in favor and against in protective manner 

It keeps hope alive and does not make chance thinner 
Dreams are in fact a safe refuge or heaven 

We are the king and also beautiful queen 

The whole set up revolves around and make us proud 

Your voice is heard clear and loud 
It is replica of sound and healthy mind 

We have enough space to find 

We can have level field to play 

It keeps you linked and do not push away 
It is said that when person is gripped by fear 

He may not be in position to think or shed tears 

He will have no place to put his views 

The dreams may provide him enough time to review 
It is by product of active human psychology 

Mind does not rest even if raised in bogey 

It strikes back to find the reasonable solution 

It will not rest until finds out with strong resolution 
I think over endlessly over the state of mind 

It some times cry and try to act very kind 

If something wrong is done unintentionally 

It will try to satisfy logic by reasons finally 
It is right application at right moment 

It does not disturb the normal movement 

The ups and down may force to think 

But the stable mind may not allow to sink 
The unstable mind sometimes pushed person to brink 

He may loose the power to balance and properly to think 

It is progressive thoughts that come to the rescue 

This is considered as positive step and may be had by only few 
So the dreams are healthy sign of mental order 

It takes active part and always ready at border 

The slight palpitation may push it to strong action 

It will be sound and positive reaction 
It is always good to sleep without any tension 

The mind may be occupied with lots of questions 

Still it is wroth try to be worry free 

It is nice idea for all of us to agree

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