A Attempt To Lie -Hasmukh Amathalal

It did not pinch me when I attempted to lie 

It never occurred to mind and raised the question, why?

I had no symptoms of feeling shy 

It was desperate but worth try 
I was seized with lot of worries 

I was unable to live with ease 

There was enough of guilt to release 

I did not correct myself and allowed the opportunity to miss 
Was it going to remain as one time affair? 

I did not consider it proper and fair 

I knew one day I will be called liar 

People may disregard and cut satire 
I knew it from the beginning very well 

The sky was not going to fall or let loose the hell 

I was trying to escape momentary set back 

Had I not gone for it, it might have developed some cracks? 
I did it because it thought it right 

I didn’t want unnecessary fight 

I could sense the darkness in light 

I knew it was deviation but only slight 
“You tell he untruth” if it helps the cause 

Not enough truth behind it because 

It gives rise to unethical behavior 

You can’t act as somebody’s savior 
The lie may remain lie and wrong a wrong 

You can’t clam credit for it and sing a song 

It is not wisdom or show of any intelligence 

It is draw back and some sort of negligence 
It must bite your conscience and inner thought 

At what cost some good result may be brought? 

It may sever momentarily some happiness 

Your soul may revolt and will not with cleanliness 
It varies from person to person 

There is no particular reason 

You may weigh pro and cons 

It is still business of none 

You may resent it later on 

The battle may be won 

The result may also yield 

You may feel desertion in field 
Not all brave people can perform this feat 

It requires some talent to beat 

You must be in position to catch on the heat 

Your eyes may not be in position to meet 
It is game and there is no win 

The unrest may be clearly seen 

Until you go and accept the guilt 

The inner peace can’t be built 
Practicise it when you feel it may cause damage 

Think of the consequences which you are unable to manage 

It has to be one time affair or in exceptional case 

It should not be made as practice or thought base

A Never Ending – Hasmukh Amathalal 

Life is never ending process 

It has no pause or recess 

It beats on in different form 

Constant changes with very good reform 
We have come to stay for short but for a long 

Nothing to gain but committing wrong 

Find no time for looking back and sum up 

It is too late to think and stop 
Who makes your life memorable and sweet? 

Lovely friends when they come and greet? 

Call on you and occasionally meet? 

You surge ahead with energy in feet 
Endless drive and non stop journey 

Sometimes bitterness and sometimes honey 

No mad race for treasure or money 

Even though it looks sometimes funny 
I wish to enjoy it at full length 

Though I may not have enough strength 

Is it not the strange wish for oasis water? 

After all what do we search after? 
I may have come across many hurdles 

Worries too might have come in bundles 

It is all over by the grace of God 

How should I express it in words? 
I must venture in no man’s land 

Sometimes I may find very good friends 

I wish I have some treasure to share 

I searched all over but found no where 
Life seems to me as no problem at all 

I take it as challenge and useful call 

What is use of crying over split milk? 

When there is no water even to drink 
It can be made worthwhile by staying positive 

No place for thinking destructive or negative 

It has to be accepted as destiny or fate 

Life is still worthwhile even if we start late