Khushi Or Joy – Hasmukh Amathalal

I looked at her appearance first 

She seemed to be perfect soul as best 

‘She must be an artist’ I imagined 

The thoughts raced in chain 
She may not be quick in response 

May retort for want of no reasons 

I dared to approach for adding her as reader 

Possibly she may consent to it as silent bidder 
You are in my list 

Perfect choice to enlist 

What more about me? 

Writer of verses and style very free 
I was in jovial mood and elated 

My search for it was certainly related 

It is how we make friends for cause 

They may be ready there of course 
She said nothing but consented 

Appreciated approach and not resented 

This is how world and people come closer 

Feel warmth and get easily nearer 
Nice and beautiful females are centre of attraction 

They get alienated by our thoughtless actions 

Otherwise who may not want to be praised? 

Level of beyond reach is certainly raised 
I don’t know what poets are supposed to perform 

Read and write more to be in or out of form 

But one thing is sure to be taken note of 

They are worth to be taken along and make a laugh 
It is said there is no medicine to enhance life span 

You may depart at destined time even after full proof plan 

The depth and insight enhances the will power to survive 

Get back all lost energy and zeal to put in and vigorously survive 
I find favor with my style of functioning 

Their talent and achievement is worth mentioning 

So many may be shying away on gender base 

But it is worthwhile to probe their mind and chase

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