14Th  January – Hasmukh Amathalal 

14th   January is called here as Uttrayan 

Tilting of Sun from South to Uttar (North) 

The position of sun will alter 

The days from now onwards will be longer 
Sky will be full of kites 

The slogans will be chanted with full religious rites 

Whole population will be on roof top 

The kites will be flying non stop 
Billions of rupees will be spent on kites 

Many birds will loose their lives 

The loss of human lives too from free fall 

Religious fever with all advices to receive unheeded call 
It has witnessed age long tradition 

Old or young take part without any reservation 

Festival of great fervor with message and joy 

Open for all irrespective of anything to participate and enjoy 
Not in many parts but in some of the Indian parts it is known 

The Chinese are believed to be originator with tradition to own 

The favorable wind bring competition to the climax 

Complete holiday to spend the day with joy and relax 
The climate change is linked with the festival 

The spring also coincides with its arrival 

The winter may be losing its grip from here on 

The hard climate may soon be forgotten or gone

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