11.11.11 –  Hasmukh Amathalal 

11.11.2011 and not 11.11.11(1111) 
It was just hoax about eleven, eleven and eleven 

The figure was odd and not even”even” 

What was then so special to talk about? 

Why was it creating flutter and fought? 
It was thought of some brain product 

Just floated from mind for others to act 

Involve in figure magic with imagery show 

To show the people that universe had few hours to go 
Well it is not 11.11.1111 but 11.11.2011 

It had nice matching if had in raw all the elevens 

Funny calculation made about is figure of eight 

In both the counting it stands eight and right 

(11 11 1111=8, 11 11 2011=8) 
Other than this equation there is no coincidence 

It is just a hype created at once 

People go after making it as special 

Nothing comes as concrete reply or denial 
Not a sun, moon is coming in single line 

So it con be considered as holy or divine 

Some people feed it with religious fervor 

To claim it as gift from power as favor 
Person on death bed may speak no lies 

He is afraid of not inviting wrath as he dies 

So if we fear a lot about our extinction 

We must resolve and take pledge not to fuel the situation 
Live for some cause and render humanity service 

Make life little worthy with ordinary promises 

That at least one hungry man will be delivered with food 

This will not only satisfy noble soul and feel too good to

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