11.11.11 –  Hasmukh Amathalal 

11.11.2011 and not 11.11.11(1111) 
It was just hoax about eleven, eleven and eleven 

The figure was odd and not even”even” 

What was then so special to talk about? 

Why was it creating flutter and fought? 
It was thought of some brain product 

Just floated from mind for others to act 

Involve in figure magic with imagery show 

To show the people that universe had few hours to go 
Well it is not 11.11.1111 but 11.11.2011 

It had nice matching if had in raw all the elevens 

Funny calculation made about is figure of eight 

In both the counting it stands eight and right 

(11 11 1111=8, 11 11 2011=8) 
Other than this equation there is no coincidence 

It is just a hype created at once 

People go after making it as special 

Nothing comes as concrete reply or denial 
Not a sun, moon is coming in single line 

So it con be considered as holy or divine 

Some people feed it with religious fervor 

To claim it as gift from power as favor 
Person on death bed may speak no lies 

He is afraid of not inviting wrath as he dies 

So if we fear a lot about our extinction 

We must resolve and take pledge not to fuel the situation 
Live for some cause and render humanity service 

Make life little worthy with ordinary promises 

That at least one hungry man will be delivered with food 

This will not only satisfy noble soul and feel too good to

14Th  January – Hasmukh Amathalal 

14th   January is called here as Uttrayan 

Tilting of Sun from South to Uttar (North) 

The position of sun will alter 

The days from now onwards will be longer 
Sky will be full of kites 

The slogans will be chanted with full religious rites 

Whole population will be on roof top 

The kites will be flying non stop 
Billions of rupees will be spent on kites 

Many birds will loose their lives 

The loss of human lives too from free fall 

Religious fever with all advices to receive unheeded call 
It has witnessed age long tradition 

Old or young take part without any reservation 

Festival of great fervor with message and joy 

Open for all irrespective of anything to participate and enjoy 
Not in many parts but in some of the Indian parts it is known 

The Chinese are believed to be originator with tradition to own 

The favorable wind bring competition to the climax 

Complete holiday to spend the day with joy and relax 
The climate change is linked with the festival 

The spring also coincides with its arrival 

The winter may be losing its grip from here on 

The hard climate may soon be forgotten or gone

A Blood Relation – Hasmukh Amathalal 

They argue it as syndrome of blood relation 

Is it matter of convenience or though elevation? 

It is not difficult to understand in simple context 

We let it pass of ignorantly as mere pretext 
There is definite push and pull mechanism 

It is equally good to have bond in humanism 

It least somewhere we show some kind of attachment 

There is long list of hierachy and goes on as movement
There is restriction at each and every level 

It goes on and to develop and exceedingly marvel 

How loosely we remain to be connected in sphere 

It is always peaceful, harmonious and I healthy atmosphere 
How parents rear their children in responsible manner 

They may grow in full adulthood later or sooner 

There is complete love in the eyes of every member 

Proper care is taken in all the aspects and closely remembered 
Time and tide change with the advent or passage 

The strong bond or relation remains only message 

Everybody loves to remain under one shield 

Family as such remains one identity and only field 
Children unduly demand and expect something more 

They often enter into clash and go for the possibilities to explore 

Sometimes it turns into battle field and unruly scene is created 

Relation turn sour and all the niceties is cremated 
Brother to brother act as sworn enemy 

The relation goes on vane simply for money 

Parents watch helplessly and condemn the move 

They often curse the luck but unable to prove 
The entire relation hangs on bare thread 

No one bothers to understand or read 

Elders try for patch and plead 

Elders go in different direction and try to lead 
It is happening everywhere and no one is exception 

There is different dimension in relation since inception 

No one can claim free from any diversion or friction 

Still family bond remains as complete addiction 

Had there been complete transparency in relation? 

It should have excelled in all the direction 

Of late it has developed visible cracks 

The complete theory is thrown out of tracks 
The joint families are breaking and new concept takes over 

They try to limit their goals and don’t try to recover 

We remain only on name remain in blood relation 

There is always mistrust and does not sound well with indication 
Even close acquiesce turn into blood thirsty 

We can lament only and feel pity 

Though it remains still as strong bond with attachment 

All get united when it is felt for a moment

 Khushi Or Joy – Hasmukh Amathalal

I looked at her appearance first 

She seemed to be perfect soul as best 

‘She must be an artist’ I imagined 

The thoughts raced in chain 
She may not be quick in response 

May retort for want of no reasons 

I dared to approach for adding her as reader 

Possibly she may consent to it as silent bidder 
You are in my list 

Perfect choice to enlist 

What more about me? 

Writer of verses and style very free 
I was in jovial mood and elated 

My search for it was certainly related 

It is how we make friends for cause 

They may be ready there of course 
She said nothing but consented 

Appreciated approach and not resented 

This is how world and people come closer 

Feel warmth and get easily nearer 
Nice and beautiful females are centre of attraction 

They get alienated by our thoughtless actions 

Otherwise who may not want to be praised? 

Level of beyond reach is certainly raised 
I don’t know what poets are supposed to perform 

Read and write more to be in or out of form 

But one thing is sure to be taken note of 

They are worth to be taken along and make a laugh 
It is said there is no medicine to enhance life span 

You may depart at destined time even after full proof plan 

The depth and insight enhances the will power to survive 

Get back all lost energy and zeal to put in and vigorously survive 
I find favor with my style of functioning 

Their talent and achievement is worth mentioning 

So many may be shying away on gender base 

But it is worthwhile to probe their mind and chase

Do Not Go, My Love – Rabindranath Tagore

The Gardener XXXIV:

 Do not go, my love, without asking 

my leave. 

I have watched all night, and now 

my eyes are heavy with sleep. 

I fear lest I lose you when I’m 


Do not go, my love, without asking 

my leave. 

I start up and stretch my hands to 

touch you. I ask myself, “Is it a 


Could I but entangle your feet with 

my heart and hold them fast to my 


Do not go, my love, without asking 

my leave.

Speak To Me My Love – Rabindranath Tagore

The Gardener XXIX:

Speak to me, my love! Tell me in 

words what you sang. 

The night is dark. The stars are 

lost in clouds. The wind is sighing 

through the leaves. 

I will let loose my hair. My blue 

cloak will cling round me like night. I 

will clasp your head to my bosom; and 

there in the sweet loneliness murmur 

on your heart. I will shut my eyes 

and listen. I will not look in your face. 

When your words are ended, we will 

sit still and silent. Only the trees will 

whisper in the dark. 

The night will pale. The day will 

dawn. We shall look at each other’s 

eyes and go on our different paths. 

Speak to me, my love! Tell me in 

words what you sang.