Power Will Start Falling – Tamara Robalo

Tears fell forever before 

Mirrors of death in thousands of wars 

Witnesses of life in our brightest moments 

Now, fall like simple drops of rain, 

Healing the rage, feeding the drain 

Of our buried life instead 

Tears turn to lies 

Our cries never came for life 

And our dreams fade out with time 

Our heroes are dead bodies or souls 

However we cannot feel more alive 

Heroes become ghosts 

We trade hope for certainty 

We shut our mouth to belong 

Let our silence be the riot 

Let it unfold what words were hiding 

Words come unnecessary 

We waited to come home till the runrise 

Now, we’re left behind 

We used to fear the blinding light 

Now, we’re coming out of the dark 

The dark was the refugy 


They’re beautiful dread souls 

Existing fo us 

Letting us join the masses club 

Giving us a shot to be someone 

Teaching us how to die (just) inside 

Souls get sillent 

They’re nothing new 

Conquering your dreams before you heard a thing 

Making us slaves of our own instinct 

They´re the men who rule our world 

You’re the unknown soldier

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