Unsent Telegram – Pavol Janik 

Inside me a little bit of 

a blue Christmas begins. 

In the hotel room it’s snowing 

a misty scent – of your 

endlessly distant perfume. 

We’re declining bodily 

while in us the price 

of night calls rises, 

waves of private earth tremors 

and the limits of an ocean of blood 

on the curve of a lonely coast. 

Night Bus – Pavol Janik 

I admire the smiles 

of the wax figures 

and the drunks. 

Their faith. 

Their humility. 

Their precision. 

Their infallible wisdom 

determined by the office of normalization. 

I admire 

their wallpapered souls 

full of light and brocade. 

Their responsibility and legality 


the price of taxis and wine. 

I’m terrified by the indifference 

with which they listen 

to the heavy breathing of the last trolley buses. 

Hedda Gabler – Love Sheeran

On the other side, what will await? 

Surely, it must be better than this. 

Everyone here so easily takes the bait. 

My life is one huge abyss; 

Guarded by an inescapable gate. 
The money and reputation serve their purpose, 

But they only scratch the surface. 

I am lost in the sea of debt; 

And eventually I will have to face my debt. 
I run and run in this maze; 

My past is coming to hunt me. 

But I will not fall into the blank space; 

I will choice what my fate will be.

 Free – Anethra Shook 

Free me Lord, from the whips and chains that bind my soul. Free me Lord so that I may walk with you down the streets of Gold. Free me Lord so that I stand big and bold. Free me Lord, Free my soul. 

Free me Lord so that I can lead the lost to you. Free me Lord so that I may testify to the world about what you have brought me through. 

Free me Lord to allow me to be more like you. Free me Lord, Free my soul show me that you have all control. 

I thank you Lord for now I see that you indeed already freed me, with each lash of the whip, and every thorn to your brow, every nail that was hammered, and every harsh word that was spoken the binding of my soul you have already broken. 

You freed me Lord so I’ll thank you each day. You freed me Lord my debt you paid!