My Child – Anethra Shook 

My child, my child, you refuse to open your mind. My child, my child, your brilliance you must find. Lead you by the hand I can and have, now you must stand on your on behalf. My child, my child, does the love I have for you not show. 

My child, my child, I’ll be there every step to help you grow. I know that you hurt and that you have pain, but you must realize we all from time to time have to walk through the rain. My child, my child, don’t you dare give up now, my child, my child, be strong like the oxen pulling the plow. 

It’s not just me there by your side, for God is there a love that will not hide yet forever be there to be your guide. My child, my child, when things get hard get down on your knees and call on the Lord. My child, my child, he’s there you see not just for you, but also for me. Jesus, Jesus, I give you my child, keep him forever not just a little while!


Life Is For Giving – Eric Mutei

Cycle of life 

Conveyor belt 

Orchestrated behind scenes 

Grand plan 

Master plan 

Vibrations of the cosmos 




Hideous caves 

Life’s busy hives 

Fatigue of the haves 

Failure of the knights 

Hazy from the crave 

Days and lives to save 
Rot is inevitable 

The juggling of probabilities 


Seeking a balance 

Between the glamour of the roses 

And the rust of the chains 

Of fading lives 


The changing form 





For life never ends- 

Just a change in form 

Death is an illusion- 

“Where art thou thy sting ooh death! ! ? ’ 

A transformation; 



A subtle line of faith 

A lure into the unknown 

Embracing the darkness 

Illuminating the stale tales 

Holding unto a thought- 

That all these are passing glances 

Tons of clouds 

Unraveling the truest nature 

Marred in greed and conspiracy 

Dark secrets 

Smeared with blood 
A remembrance that life is divine 

The singularity of the moment 

Coming to an understanding 

Of divine 



Sanctified mission, 


Home – Cody Peck

Everyone Wants it, everyone yearns it, 

yet not everyone gets it, 

not everyone earns it. 

For you’re in the backyard, 

and there is also the shed, 

the place where you’re beat, 

the place where you’re whipped. 

But everyone wants home, 

everyone hates the shed, 

for the homeowner never wanted a shed, 

he only wanted a home, 

but the people in the backyard, 

they forced it, 

forced the shed, 

for they don’t like it, 

but it’s where they belong. 

the home, the perfect place, 

the shed, the misfits fate.

Loving You – Natalia Yordanova

It’s just a feeling, can’t you see? 

We both know it’s not meant to be. 

Loving you from distance is making me sick, 

baby would you stop and take the risk? 

Would you do it for me? 

Would you just try? 

Would you love me like the old times? 

I’ll be your muse, 

I’ll stand by you. 

Just show me that you are feeling the same as I do. 

You left me endlessly thinking of you, 

In a world thah everything seems like a flu. 

You are driving me crazy 

and you know it too. 

Oh, baby just touch me, cure my wounds 

and give me the hope that I will survive. 

Cause living without you is like burning place 

Oh, will I come out of this growing shades?