All You Who Sleep Tonight – Vikram Seth 

All you who sleep tonight 

Far from the ones you love, 

No hand to left or right 

And emptiness above – 
Know that you aren’t alone 

The whole world shares your tears, 

Some for two nights or one, 

And some for all their years.

A Style Of Loving – Vikram Seth

Light now restricts itself 

To the top half of trees; 

The angled sun 

Slants honey-coloured rays 

That lessen to the ground 

As we bike through 

The corridor of Palm Drive 

We two 
Have reached a safety the years 

Can claim to have created: 

Unconsumated, therefore 

Unjaded, unsated. 

Picnic, movie, ice-cream; 

Talk; to clear my head 

Hot buttered rum – coffee for you; 

And so not to bed 
And so we have set the question 

Aside, gently. 

Were we to become lovers 

Where would our best friends be? 

You do not wish, nor I 

To risk again 

This savoured light for noon’s 

High joy or pain.

Running Track – Rohit Singh 

It’s an overcrowded running track, 

We are on. 

Need to keep running, 

Faster than the one, right behind you. 

Or he will run over you. 

And will clear his conscience, 

By saying it, competition. 

Will be recognized as a winner, 

Holding up the cup and the glory. 
But he will know what he did. 

And will be all alone, 

With his deed.