Voices In My Head – Rohit Singh 

The voices in my head, 

Never go to bed. 
The memory streams, 

Just screams and screams. 

It laughs at my dreams. 

Reminds me of all sins, 

And never talks of my wins. 
All of my secrets 

Are known to it, 

And trying to drown me, 

In my own regret pit. 
I try to run and hide 

But it’s not possible. 

Since, I am the one, 

In which it resides.

Child And Man – Rohit Singh 

When I was a child, 

I used to close my eyes, 

When I saw something scary. 

Or ran away when, 

There was a problem. 
Neither they tried to, 

Take my hands off of my eyes, 

Nor they chased me when I ran. 
Now, I am a young man. 

I try to close my eyes, 

When I see something scary, 

But now they try to take, 

My hands off of my eyes, 

And I ran if there is a problem, 

But now they chase me. 
So, I learned to fight back, 

Fight back the fear, 

That compelled me to, 

Close my eyes. 

Fight back the thought, 

That chased me all around. 
I see the devil no more. 

I guess all it takes is a little courage, 

To not let your eyes get closed.