The Plums Tasted – Mirabai

sweet to the unlettered desert-tribe girl- 

but what manners! To chew into each! She was ungainly, 

low-caste, ill mannered and dirty, 

but the god took the 

fruit she’d been sucking. 

Why? She’d knew how to love. 

She might not distinquish 

splendor from filth 

but she’d tasted the nectar of passion. 

Might not know any Veda, 

but a chariot swept her away- 

now she frolics in heaven, esctatically bound 

to her god. 

The Lord of Fallen Fools, says Mira, 

will save anyone 

who can practice rapture like that- 

I myself in a previous birth 

was a cowherding girl 

at Gokul.


Torn In Shreds – Mirabai

Mine is Gopal, the Mountain-Holder; there is no one else. 

On his head he wears the peacock-crown: He alone is my husband. 

Father, mother, brother, relative: I have none to call my own. 

I’ve forsaken both God, and the family’s honor: what should I do? 

I’ve sat near the holy ones, and I’ve lost shame before the people. 

I’ve torn my scarf into shreds; I’m all wrapped up in a blanket. 

I took off my finery of pearls and coral, and strung a garland of wildwood flowers. 

With my tears, I watered the creeper of love that I planted; 

Now the creeper has grown spread all over, and borne the fruit of bliss. 

The churner of the milk churned with great love. 

When I took out the butter, no need to drink any buttermilk. 

I came for the sake of love-devotion; seeing the world, I wept. 

Mira is the maidservant of the Mountain-Holder: now with love He takes me across to the further shore. 

mere to giridhara gupaala, duusaraa na koii | 

jaa ke sira mora mukuTa, mero pati soii || 

taata, maata, bhraata, baMdhu, apanaa nahiM koii | 

ghaaM.Da daii, kula kii kaana, kyaa karegaa koii? 

saMtana Dhiga baiThi baiThi, loka laaja khoii || 

chunarii ke kiye Tuuka Tuuka, o.Dha liinha loii | 

motii muu.Nge utaara bana maalaa poii || 

a.Nsuvana jala siiMchi siiMchi prema beli boii | 

aba to beli phaila gaii, aanaMda phala hoii || 

duudha kii mathaniyaa, ba.De prema se biloii | 

maakhana jaba kaa.Dhi liyo, ghaagha piye koii || 

aaii maiM bhakti kaaja, jagata dekha roii | 

daasii miiraa.N giradhara prabhu taare aba moii ||